Teachers can scan from MFPs into print center workflow. See how.

QDirect.SCAN, RSA’s Scan to Print Center™ solution, streamlines the process for sending hardcopy originals to a print center for centralized production.

Users spend less time making copies and more time making your enterprise successful.

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  • Hardcopy documents are scanned at the Multi-Function Printer (MFP).
  • The user selects ticketing choices using a friendly touchscreen interface on the MFP.
  • The scanned job and electronic ticket are sent to the Print Center.
  • QDirect can confirm the user’s account has sufficient credit to print the job.
  • A confirmation page is printed directly at the user’s MFP.
  • Jobs can be automatically printed, without any operator intervention or can be batched and released by finishing requirements, priority, or delivery location to facilitate courier delivery.
  • Ticketing is never re-keyed at the Print Center, eliminating touches and mistakes.
  • Add WebCRD to deliver a complete electronic and hardcopy job submission, management, reprint, and accounting solution.

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