Panasonic’s advanced high-volume production scanners, the KV-S827M100 and the fastest-in-class KV-S847M100 network scanners raise the bar on network scanning speed. There are no other stand alone scanners available on the market today that can scan at 120/140 ppm. Both scanners utilize an Intel Core™ i5-4302Y vPro,M processor-fired Tablet with 8GB of DDR3L
RAM to efficiently power high-speed optical character recognition and fully enable customizable document handling. Both models offer two-network connectivity options: Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

“Panasonic’s Tablet-controlled scanner bundles present a significant step forward in our on-going quest to give major enterprise users and government agencies a fully networked solution. These network scanners provide an advanced platform for digitalizing and generating fully searchable PDFS, for locating, editing, and archiving large amounts of documents. Additionally, they offer users optimal image quality, unparalleled speed, and minimal workflow interruptions for error correction, periodic maintenance and hardware failure,” said Joseph Odore, Product Manager of PSCNA.

“End users can scan and digitize large jobs just as quickly as if the scanner was installed at their desk. Because the tablet has all the power of a dedicated PC, it provides high-speed character recognition and powerful document management that can be customized to meet the exact needs of a myriad of scanner scenarios,” comments Odore.

“Unlike many high-volume scanners the KV-S8127 (120 ppm/240 ipm) and KV-S8147 (140 ppm/280 ipm) scanner uses proprietary hardware image processing to eliminate any speed drop off when scanning at 300dpi rather than 200dpi. The Intel Core™ i5 Tablet, bundled with the scanners, features a seven-inch WXGA LED, a 10-point multi-touch screen, and supports gloved touch and gestures, as well as ships with a capacitive stylus pen with an integrated holder. The Tablet’s tight interface with the scanners enables whole jobs or individual documents to be scanned to mail, fax, Bluetooth, FTP servers, shared network folders, servers, and archival storage devices,” further notes Odore.

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