Green printing is a more environmentally friendly method of producing printed materials while lowering the carbon footprint it leaves. It is a great way to reduce a business’s carbon footprint and be more eco-friendly! PaperCut Software develops products that make it easy for businesses to implement green initiatives. Not only do they offer simple solutions, but they also help us do our part in protecting our planet. There are several methods for a company to support environmental causes, however the simplest one is a PaperCut Software product.

Is it important? Of course it is!

If you are thinking about starting a green initiative at your office or increasing the current green initiative, consider an overview of your office printing environment. Here are three ways that responsible printing can benefit your organization:

Change the way your office staff thinks:

One of the primary aims of PaperCut NG/MF is to reduce printing levels by changing a user’s printing behavior. Implementing monitoring, quotas and charging are a good way of drawing a user’s attention to their habits. The topic of the environment, global warming, and waste management is currently an area of debate and interest to many. Highlighting the environmental aspects of their activities is another effective way of modifying a user’s behavior.

Sustainability with PaperCut Grows:

EcoprintQ is proud to be part of this sustainability program offered by PaperCut. In partnership with certified non-profit reforestation projects, this sustainability program converts your documents printed into trees planted. You hand-pick which global reforestation project plants your trees, then monitor and display your printing and tree planting volumes via a live dashboard. How is that for transparency and accountability! Truly a revolutionary way to help our planet.

Promote Your Brand as Environmentally Friendly and Increase Your Business Reputation:

Your company’s branding is critical and an eco-friendly company that is actively working on improving its green initiative is attractive to existing vendors and clients. You’ll get consumers that are concerned with environmental issues and eco-consciousness in business if you include environmentally friendly printing and awareness as part of your brand and overall message. Eco-friendly printing entails more than just recycling and conserving resources; PaperCut NG/MF changes behaviors, raises consciousness and PaperCut Grows is helping reforestation efforts. These products will help you build a reputation for caring not only for the environment but also for the future of our planet.

It is critical to go green in your company’s printing not just for the environment, but also for its reputation. When you choose PaperCut Software products you can be certain that these products will increase not only your employees’ awareness, but they will also increase your business’ reputation while helping the environment. A Win-Win situation!

This really got you thinking, right? If you are interested in finding out about all the PaperCut Software products we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at They will be more than happy to help you out. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

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