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By: Taylor McDonough– GreatAmerica: Since 2020, IT and office technology providers have been tasked with deploying their clients’ remote workforce at record pace. Many projects were put on hold, and IT providers worked around-the-clock to ensure their clients could continue doing business securely from home, staying busy with software migration, implementation, and upgrades – all of which could conveniently be done remotely. Today, as many organizations forge ahead with some form of hybrid work environment, software demands continue, creating opportunities for providers. Reliance on applications, specifically collaboration software applications, for teams to remain productive, has become permanent, making for a lot of opportunities for solution providers. However, seizing these opportunities requires some creativity as high inflation and economic uncertainty remain big decision factors for buyers.

Enter software financing: most software can be financed just like your phone systems, computers, and printers. Offering a financing option on the software your customers need to run their businesses enables them to invest in necessary technology upgrades via affordable monthly payment options. This shows you are mindful of the current climate and have proactively sought out finance solutions for them. If you’re not familiar with offering a financing option on the software you sell, fear not. We answer the most common questions below.

Can My Customer Finance a Software Purchase?

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