Chicago, IL — Clover Imaging Group, a global leader in environmentally responsible solutions for the print and imaging industry, has redesigned its ink and toner cartridge packaging to tangibly reflect the company’s strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Eric Martin, President of Clover Imaging Group, notes, “As more and more businesses and consumers seek out environmentally friendly products like remanufactured printer cartridges, we wanted our packaging to showcase that integral component of our value proposition. When you choose a remanufactured printer cartridge over a single-use plastic cartridge, you are making a conscious decision to keep waste out of landfills and conserve natural resources while maintaining OEM-comparable quality.”

Clover Imaging has spent the past year zeroing in on the new look. “We worked with a number of focus groups to explore what is most important to our partners and their customers. We concluded that the continuing health of our environment is not only critical to the sustainability of our planet, but also to the economies we serve. That understanding very much guided our design efforts,” said Keli Posch, Director of Marketing for Clover Imaging Group.

The new packaging design not only epitomizes Clover Imaging’s environmental commitment but also features a seal celebrating Clover Imaging’s 25 years in business. In an industry that has experienced massive change and consolidation over the last two and a half decades, Clover’s longevity is testament its unwavering commitment to its partners.

In its first 25 years in business, not only has Clover become the largest remanufacturer in the world, but it has diverted more than 350 million pounds of waste from overburdened landfills and planted over 700,000 trees in at-risk forests around the world.

Clover Imaging’s new packaging will begin shipping at the end of December 2021.

About Clover Imaging Group

Centered around sustainable innovation, Clover Imaging Group offers independent dealers, OEMs, and retailers a complete imaging and solutions platform. Clover Imaging’s broad array of products and services includes award-winning remanufactured printer cartridges and parts, a comprehensive suite of managed print and technology services, and unparalleled marketing and sales support. Far from its beginnings as an ink and toner remanufacturer, Clover Imaging has evolved into a global enterprise backed by world-class engineering, manufacturing and distribution infrastructure. These expansive capabilities enable Clover Imaging to provide a level of partnership unsurpassed in the aftermarket imaging space. For more information on Clover Imaging, please visit:

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