On a recent installment of the ‘What’s Happenin’ podcast, host Andy Slawetsky and Ricoh’s Chris Markowski engaged in a dialogue that took us behind the scenes of Ricoh’s strategic pivot points and inventive progress. The discussion, initially spotlighting Ricoh’s most recent dealer conference, offered a vivid look into the company’s forward-thinking trajectory. The highlight for Slawetsky was his personal exploration of the Boulder production print facility, an experience during the dealer summit that clearly left a strong impression on him.

As the conversation unfolded, Markowski delved into the nuances of Ricoh’s A3 printer strategy—a perennially hot topic for those in the know within the office equipment world. The dialogue then transitioned to the burgeoning domain of A4 printers. This segment is quickly heating up, as dealers and customers increasingly opt for the compact, cost-effective allure of A4 models over traditional A3 copier/printers.

Fresh from a trip to Japan, Markowski was brimming with insights and updates. Despite the brevity of his visit, his contributions to the podcast were both substantial and enlightening, offering listeners a generous dose of insider knowledge.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.