Arlington, a recognized distributor of TROY products, offers a range of secure printing solutions that cater to the high-security demands of institutions like the U.S. Treasury Office and numerous prominent banks and insurance companies across the United States​​. Their offerings include the TROY MICR TONER SECURE™, acclaimed as the world’s most fraud-resistant MICR toner, designed to enhance the protection of both security stock and printed data​​.

For office equipment resellers, understanding the specifics of TROY’s security features can be crucial in meeting client needs. Key features include:

  1. Printer Key Lock: This mechanism prevents unauthorized printing by disabling print functionality until the printer is unlocked, ensuring security even when the printer is powered on​​.
  2. Fraud Defense Toner: This innovative toner includes a covert security agent that releases red dye if chemical alteration is attempted, voiding the document and preventing tampering​​.
  3. Locking Printer Trays: These trays, equipped with steel shielding, secure valuable certificate stock against theft and unauthorized access​​.
  4. Personalized Watermarks: Additional security is provided by embedding constituent data into the background of documents, making alterations more challenging​​.
  5. Digital Signatures & State Seals: This feature allows the addition of state seals and signatures at the point of issue, accessible only to authorized staff, thereby enhancing document integrity​​.
  6. Security Stock: TROY’s solutions are compatible with existing security stocks or can provide unique designs for compliance with specific regulations​​.

Arlington also offers maintenance and service agreement protection for these printers, ensuring long-term reliability and performance​​. Furthermore, the partnership between TROY and HP has led to the development of HP MICR printers, combining HP’s technology with TROY’s MICR capabilities for secure check printing. These printers are cost-effective and efficient, especially suitable for low-volume check printing in small to medium-sized office environments​​​​.

For resellers, these features not only represent a suite of advanced security solutions but also an opportunity to cater to clients who prioritize document security and fraud prevention. Offering TROY products through Arlington can help resellers meet the growing demand for secure printing solutions in various sectors.

SOURCE Arlington