By Joan Honig, DocuWare: A document management system (DMS) prevents many of the headaches associated with compliance. A DMS and its automated workflow enable quick, straightforward confirmation that employees are following company policies while reducing the time they spend on repetitive routine tasks. A digital document management system offers reporting capabilities so you can catch issues before they become problems. It’s a sure-fire way to significantly increase the odds that your organization will pass internal and external compliance audits.

Digitization’s compliance support capabilities are even more important now with many employees are working remotely. If they don’t have the proper tools, there’s a temptation for your staff to use unauthorized messaging software and social media platforms to get their jobs done without considering information security. Team members may also email documents back and forth to each other which can compromise security and make losing track of which version is the final one more likely.

A document management system supplies a single, authorized platform for collaboration and enforces company policies consistently without human intervention.

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