This insightful panel session recorded during the Camp ACDI partner conference in Tempe featured industry experts discussing the dynamic world of office equipment and solutions.

In this engaging discussion, representatives from leading companies share their experiences, strategies, and challenges in the industry. Discover valuable insights on selling solutions, adapting to changing customer needs, and the role of finance companies.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Shifting to Solutions:
    • Tom, VP at Prosource, highlights their successful transition from selling paper to solutions.
    • Aligning compensation plans with sales incentives is crucial to engage sales teams.
    • Investment in professional development and support infrastructure is key to maintaining customer satisfaction.
  1. Focus on Professional Services:
    • Austin Hackett, SVP of Federal and Strategic Enterprise Accounts at Image That, shares their journey from hardware sales to emphasizing professional services.
    • Identifying untapped potential in the market and providing solutions beyond hardware sales.
  1. Beyond Financing:
    • Tanya Stone from Great America explains their role as a finance company offering a wide range of services.
    • Streamlining invoicing and consolidating various products and services onto a single invoice for customer convenience.
  1. Subscription-Based Models:
    • The panel discusses the emerging trend of subscription-based software models.
    • Challenges and opportunities of adapting to this model, including compensation for sales teams.
  1. Sales Team Adaptation:
    • Sales teams need to adapt to the changing landscape and become comfortable with selling solutions alongside hardware.
    • Continuous learning and adaptation are essential in the evolving industry.

The panel session provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of office equipment and solutions. These experts shared their experiences, strategies, and challenges, emphasizing the importance of aligning incentives, focusing on professional services, and adapting to changing customer needs.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.