In the heart of the product pavilion at IT Nation Connect, resellers had the chance to witness a unique collaboration. ECI Solutions’ own Anna Grubb and Mark Watthuber teamed up with Gary Lavin and Mike Kirkpatrick from CEO Juice right at ECI’s booth. This dynamic quartet showcased the power of partnership in the managed IT services world, offering a clear vision of what strategic collaboration looks like in action.

Under the ECI banner, the booth was a hub of innovation and partnership. ECI Solutions, renowned for its business software solutions, and CEO Juice, a leader in the eAutomate User Group community, exemplified how powerful alliances can drive the industry forward.

The partnership goes beyond shared booth space. It’s exemplified by ECI’s commitment to providing a specialized hosting environment for CEO Juice clients, ensuring each solution is precisely calibrated to meet specific needs​​.

This joint effort at IT Nation Connect is a prime example of how collaborations in the tech world can yield greater success and pave the way for future advancements.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.