In the heart of Asheville, surrounded by the stunning autumnal panorama of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Business Technology Association (BTA) rolled out its annual Fall Colors Retreat. A beacon for the office equipment reselling community, the event was graced by industry heavyweights, among which Brother International firmly established its prominence.

Brother, a name synonymous with innovation in the office equipment sector, reaffirmed its dedication to the industry by playing a significant role as a key sponsor for the retreat. The event, masterfully organized by BTA Southeast at the revered Omni Grove Park Inn, provided an unmatched platform for industry aficionados to connect, converse, and contemplate the future of office technology.

A highlight that underscored Brother’s significant contribution to the event was the presence of Laurie Scofield. Taking to the stage between speakers, Sofield offered insights and highlighted Brother’s latest advances and contributions to the industry. Her brief yet impactful discussion not only showcased Brother’s offerings but also its commitment to fostering dialogue and collaboration within the industry.

As attendees navigated through a packed schedule, from the initial lunch and opening remarks to the keynote address and subsequent discussions, Brother’s exhibit stood out. Their booth was a testament to their relentless drive for perfection, displaying their newest products, solutions, and technological breakthroughs. Attendees were given the opportunity to interact with Brother’s representatives, delve deeper into product specifics, and understand the tangible benefits of their latest innovations.

The retreat’s second day, laden with more discussions, round-tables, and educational sessions, continued to shine a light on Brother’s influential role in shaping the future of office equipment reselling.

The BTA Fall Colors Retreat is not just an event; it’s an embodiment of the aspirations, innovations, and collaborations of the office equipment industry. Brother, with its significant sponsorship and the invaluable contributions of figures like Laurie Scofield, reaffirms its position as a pillar of this community.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.