Separate yourself from the competition and create a higher perceived product value, all while dramatically lowering your actual label production cost.

With Muratec’s PLS-2112, prime labels can be produced on a variety of substrates including pre die-cut labels, nonconverted face stocks, paper, synthetics, adhesive backed, foils and more. This type of flexibility is perfect for creating: • Food and beverage labels

  • Heathcare and pharmaceutical products
  • Industrial chemicals
  • GHS and safety information
  • Corporate branding and promotional items
  • Parking permits, school spirit materials

By adding Muratec’s PLS-2112F digital finishing system, the label design possibilities seem almost endless. Sure, you can produce exceptional 3″ x 5″ labels on plain matte stock; but imagine creating true on-the-shelf visual separation with Muratec’s PLS-2112F die-cutter. Give your packaging unique shapes, styles and sizes, increasing overall value and prestige in the consumer’s mind.

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