Another New Dealer Leadership Member to Help the Channel Thrive

Scottsdale, AZ, Sep 7 — Stramaglio Consulting has announced Marco, a leading integrated business technology provider, has joined The Consortium, a think tank for the Imaging Channel, consisting of industry leaders aiming to help the channel grow and thrive. The Consortium’s focus is to help improve business agility for the channel and workplaces through the channel.

Marco provides technology services specialized in hosted/cloud services, managed services, business IT services, carrier services, copiers/printers, phone systems, document management and audio/video systems. As a new dealer leadership member of The Consortium Executive Leadership Council (ELC), representatives from Marco will offer their vision and expertise in the channel and collaborate with other dealer leadership members to help The Consortium identify channel opportunities, develop new programs, and set new best-practice standards.

“We are pleased and excited to join The Consortium as a part of this dealer leadership group,” says Trevor Akervik, Chief Strategy Officer and Clay Ostlund, Chief Technology Officer at Marco. “We see great opportunities for us to learn from industry leaders and we also look forward to collaborating with them to initiate and innovate new solutions and services that help our community and our clients thrive through digital transformation.”

The Consortium is assembled by Mike Stramaglio, President and CEO of Stramaglio Consulting, and seeks to establish an open collaborative platform that enables the Imaging Channel to embrace and lead Digital Transformation (DX).

“I am so grateful to have Marco join the leadership group of The Consortium. Marco is one of the most advanced and respected dealership in the channel and I expect their knowledge, insights and expertise in new growing business areas will add another great value to The Consortium,” say Mike Stramaglio. “The world is moving at the warp speed and I look forward to working closely with Marco and other Consortium members to help improve business agility for the channel and their customers.”

About Marco

Marco is one of the top integrated business technology providers in the country, with offices in 12 states and serving clients nationally. Marco specializes in business IT and security services, print and document management solutions and managed and voice services. Marco’s technology experts break down complex solutions into simple terms to position your business for success. Learn more at 

About Stramaglio Consulting

Stramaglio Consulting is committed to taking imaging channel businesses to the next level with a focus on new , innovation and consulting services. Its founder, Mike Stramaglio,  is a well-known and respected industry leader with more than 40 years’ experience in the office imaging technology channel. Most recently, he was president of MWA FORZA with Konica Minolta after its acquisition of MWA Intelligence, the company he founded in 2006. To learn more visit


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