To keep printing and copying costs under control budgets can be established for individual users, groups or cost centers. If the budget is exceeded, printing/copying can be stopped altogether, limited to black and white only or users can be notified that their funds have run out. Balances can be recharged automatically at any time via internet-based credit card payment systems such as PayPal and WorldPay. It is also possible for cashiers to add funds manually to a user’s account where a personal cash-based system is required.

Rules & routing

By implementing print rules, uniFLOW can redirect jobs appropriately so that only small print jobs are routed to laser printers whilst larger jobs are rerouted to the cheaper and faster multifunctional devices. Very large print tasks can even be rerouted to the central print room.

In addition, users can be forced to print only in black and white/duplex. Double-sided printing and deleting print jobs that have not been released saves paper and money.

uniFLOW can help businesses implement an environmental printing strategy to save money and improve its environmental performance.

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Source: NT – Ware

uniFLOW Online, the ‘Budget Master’ for Hybrid