uniFLOW, with its built-in hybrid technology, continues to combine on-premise and cloud resources while simultaneously satisfying the most sophisticated secure print and document scanning processes. uniFLOW 2021v2 comes with two key features: uniFLOW Online as the budget master for uniFLOW server in hybrid mode, and an easy-to-use embedded applet for the new line up of Canon imagePROGRAF large format printers, enabling user authentication at the device and the secure print benefits you would expect from uniFLOW.

uniFLOW Online as the “budget master” for a hybrid uniFLOW server is a powerful new connector, which consolidates the budgeting system for uniFLOW server and uniFLOW Online and provides customers with an alternative to Internet Gateway, a secondary server taking care of the communication with users outside the customer network.

The connector allows educational establishments, not only to take advantage of the uniFLOW budgeting features to enforce user budgets but also to permit students to top up their account via the uniFLOW Online PayPal™ integration. In addition, users can view all their transactions and download them to a .CSV file to store locally on their computer. For educational establishments, the power of the cloud is combined with the flexibility of an on-premise solution.

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Source: NT-Ware

What’s New with uniFLOW Online 2021.2?