In the recent episode of the “What’s Happenin'” podcast, Andy Slawetsky interviewed Gary Lavin of CEO Juice, where they discussed the role and impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the office equipment reselling industry. Lavin explained that his company, which was a pioneer in utilizing AI for dealers, has been in the business of automating processes for over 20 years. Originally coined as “automated processes,” these systems have evolved to use AI or deep learning, but the essence of their operation remains the same. Lavin elaborated on how their system works, highlighting its ability to flag anomalies in data and trends, follow-up issues with relevant personnel, and even resolve certain problems. He further exemplified the system’s capacity by sharing stories of dealers who discovered instances of significant employee theft through CEO Juice’s software.

Lavin also shared his insights on how AI can continue to evolve and serve the industry better, discussing the role of OpenAI’s ChatGPT model. He emphasized that while it isn’t quite intelligence yet, it is a robust model that provides useful historical data. It can be used to summarize lengthy help desk tickets, search through comprehensive documentation quickly, and offer predictions based on past data. Lavin also discussed potential uses of AI in the service side of dealerships, including assisting technicians with error code resolutions. Despite the evolving nature of AI, he assured that CEO Juice is dedicated to mastering and implementing the technology, highlighting ongoing work with other experts in the field. Lavin believes that the future of AI in the industry is bright and sees an opportunity for those who can specialize in AI to become invaluable assets to dealerships.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.