By Carl Schell, Keypoint Intelligence – They used to say that “The sun never sets on the British empire,” and the same is true of IT development. It is constant, at times progressive, and typically rapid. Keeping up with all the activity and news is a fruitless endeavor, so vast and open is the sea of managed IT and cloud services. But we love to follow the updates, to speculate on things and discuss them with others as analysts do—and there are plenty of times where we want to share our knowledge in a public forum with dealers, MSPs, and vendors alike.

That’s exactly what we did recently. Anne Valaitis (Principal Analyst of Managed IT Services in Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Group) and I hosted a session focused on IT challenges, trends, and opportunities for the channel. The always entertaining and informative Chip Miceli, CEO of Pulse Technology, joined in to provide color commentary that dealers could relate to. The conversation included a look at print versus IT in the channel (intro), buyer/vendor perspectives (more meat on the bone), cybersecurity (of course), and A/V (a nice touch), along with many other relevant topics of the day.

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