Addiko Bank in Slovenia, a member of the Austrian Addiko Bank Group, with 18 branches, provides clients with first-rate, simple, fast and secure financial services. It processes hundreds of different documents every day and must ensure their trouble-free scanning and printing. To do this, its employees were using about 100 multifunction printers that had been in operation for more than 8 years, with a third of these being non-functional. The printers required constant maintenance, were outdated, faulty, and slow.

The Bank opted for the MyQ X Enterprise solution, which made the printing and scanning processes more efficient. Automatic monitoring and status reporting of all operating printers has been introduced and uses an early warning system for toner replacements. The Easy Scan, one-button scanning function has become one of the most used system functions at the bank. It provides automated scanning profiles and procedures, from basic scanning processes to advanced workflows with the option of associated metadata.

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