ConnectWise offers four partner levels: Registered, Self-Paced Accelerate, Guided, and Elite. The Registered level provides basic access to resources such as playbooks, toolkits, and a free marketing automation platform.

Partners at this level also receive ConnectWise Certify™ fundamentals training for owners, sales, and engineers. The Self-Paced Accelerate level adds advanced courses and ongoing savings, with a dedicated Partner Development Executive (PDE) to assist in growth and access to pre-sales resources.

At the Guided level, partners benefit from a Marketing Concierge to manage campaigns and access market development funds. They can also earn CoOP funds based on Annual Contract Value (ACV) for marketing activities and Evolve memberships.

The Elite level provides all the benefits of the Guided level, plus deeper collaboration with pre-sales engineers, enhanced business technical readiness through free IULs of eligible solutions, and discounted conference tickets for ongoing professional development. Each level builds on the previous, offering progressively more support and resources to foster partner growth.

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