Industry Experts Share Insights as Supply Chain Issues Persist

By GreatAmerica: Disruptions in the supply chain are continuing to create challenges for equipment providers spanning nearly every industry. Many of our customers are facing some of the most difficult business obstacles they have experienced in recent history, from soaring prices to a shortage of goods. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict when things will improve, in fact, some of our partners estimate it could be a year or more before things return to normal. Providers are feeling pressure to perform at pre-pandemic levels, but without inventory being consistently available, it becomes all the more difficult to hit quarterly numbers and profitability goals.

So how are providers addressing these challenges? What’s working in the short term and what can be done to enhance longer term outcomes? And what can be done to ensure a strong resurgence once the supply chain stabilizes? We asked experts within the office imaging and technology sectors for their insights as it relates to their respective industry. Here’s what they had to say.

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SOURCE GreatAmerica

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