By Kieron Byatt, PaperCut: Time. There’s never enough of it. We can measure it with clocks, watches, calendars, and hourglasses. But somehow it’s still unquantifiable… at times. Because there’s so much time, it’s easy to squander, so we feel like we’re always running out of it.

If left unchecked, your printing is a business workflow that can waste a lot of time for users and administrators. Forgotten print jobs or inefficient printing setups translate to a waste of resources, and one of those resources is you guessed it – precious seconds, minutes, hours, and it all adds up to lost days, weeks, months, and even years.

Deploying print queues and drivers, BYOD and mobile printing, granting permissions, security, and authorization, the modern printing environment presents countless time-consuming tasks.

But your workplace doesn’t fall victim to one of the hidden costs of printing. Here are 5 ways you can spend less time printing.

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Source: PaperCut