Scottsdale, AZ, May 16 — Stramaglio Consulting today announced that The Consortium, a think tank of imaging industry leaders focused on helping the channel grow and thrive, launched the newly developed Breakaway Team. This new initiative aims to leverage the insights and energy of the younger generation to spearhead growth and enhance understanding between different age groups within the industry.

The Breakaway Team consists initially of six talented members, all 20’s and early 30’s in age. Over the coming months, the team is expected to expand to between 15 and 20 members, focusing on educational initiatives and fresh approaches to industry challenges. The founding members of the team include Carson Stone, Stone’s Office Equipment, Korey Philpot and Ben Philpot, Precision Duplicating Solutions, Cameron Fisher, GreatAmerica Financial Services, Sloan Aguilar-Varing and Kennedi Aguilar-Varing, IBE Digital, Kyle Spriegel, ARCOA.

“The Breakaway Team is at the forefront of our efforts to blend the dynamism of young professionals with the wisdom of seasoned industry leaders,” said Mike Stramaglio, President and CEO of Stramaglio Consulting. “Through this initiative, we aim to cultivate a vibrant learning environment that not only drives the industry forward but also bridges the gap between generations. I am thrilled to welcome superstars in making to the Consortium.”

The Breakaway Team will make its first major public appearance with a presentation at the upcoming ECS24 in January 2025. This event will provide a platform for the team to present their findings and initiatives, showcasing the practical outcomes of their work in revitalizing the office technology industry.

About Stramaglio Consulting LLC and The Consortium

Stramaglio Consulting is committed to taking imaging channel businesses to the next level with a focus on new technologies, innovation, and consulting services. Its founder, Mike Stramaglio, is a well-known and respected industry leader with more than 40 years’ experience in the office imaging technology channel. Most recently, he was president of MWA FORZA with Konica Minolta after its acquisition of MWA Intelligence, the company he founded in 2006. To learn more visit

The Consortium is assembled by Mike Stramaglio in order to establish an open collaborative platform that enables the Imaging Channel to embrace and lead Digital Transformation (DX). To learn more visit


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