By Kieron Byatt, PaperCut: What’s the best way for your workplace to set up printing? Printing directly to the multi-function device (MFD) or printing via a shared queue? The former is the quickest method, but can mean no tracking, and isn’t highly secure if you have a large workforce. The latter is the more compliant option and unlocks control for administrators, but can slow down workflows, again, if you have a large amount of employees printing.

Like most things print, there isn’t an objective better option for all businesses. It depends on your organization’s printing needs. What advantages do you want to prioritize and what tradeoffs can you accept? What does implementation look like for your print environment? What’s your favourite chocolate bar? That last question will make more sense in the following paragraphs, I promise.

Direct printing and shared print queues: what’s the difference?

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Source: PaperCut