By Kieron Byatt, PaperCut: Printing plays a critical role in an enterprise. Not the Star Trek kind. Although maybe the printing behavior of Jean-Luc Piccard is worth a future blog post. No, we strictly mean the large commercial or industrial corporation type of enterprise.

It’s 2023 but enterprises aren’t “paperless offices” nor does it look like they will be any time soon. So printing is still vital.  It enables the creation of hard copies. Invoices, contracts, reports, and presentations. All those important documents. While digital documents do dominate the modern working world, printing is still an essential tool for distributing physical records to clients, partners, and employees.

With all that printing, comes a whole lot of hardware and software to manage it all. Enterprise-level print environments typically involve high-volume, high-speed printers that can handle the demands of large organizations. These printers often have features such as automatic duplexing, stapling, and collating to streamline the printing process and save time.

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Source: PaperCut