Ninestar Corporation made debut as a vendor at the BTA Spring Break event in Orlando on March 17 and 18, showcasing their range of aftermarket printer and copier supplies designed to work with virtually all OEMs. This marked the first time that Ninestar has exhibited at the event, the first four major BTA events set for 2023.

Ninestar is now the world’s fourth largest laser printer manufacturer. Their mission is to empower the dissemination of creative minds and wisdom with printing liberty, to make printing simple, reliable, affordable, and sustainable through innovation, efficiency, and respect for people.

This event provided a great opportunity for Ninestar to showcase their products and to meet with prospective customers and industry leaders. The BTA Spring Break event is always an excellent platform for companies like Ninestar to showcase their products, meet potential customers, and establish themselves as a partner for office technology resellers in the printing and imaging industry.

SOURCE Ninestar