Many years ago, evil forces rooted in the city of Scanopolis, and have ever since spread into every office in the city. Using forbidden ancient technology, the wicked Professor Faulty Processor held workplaces under a mist of confusion that hindered their development, while feeding on the workers’ despair. His invisible minions made sure to keep work processes from evolving. Every day, they enchanted networks to stay slow and clunky, jumbled the MFPs’ settings so they never worked properly, and when they felt extra naughty, they filled the office air with Chaos Powder, so no one really knew what task to jump in first.

And the results of their insidiousness? IT and sysadmins waded through streams of unsolved & unsolvable tickets, back-office workers’ fingers begged to be saved from all the manual typing of paper documents into the internal system, no printed file was left unnoticed by copy room passers-by, and C-levels frowned over deteriorating efficiency… Gloomy times indeed.

But that was all before MyQ hero James heard their cry for help in the Virtual Realm and descended from the digital sky to save the city. He proved that a powerful SNAP! is not always a bad thing and lifted the Professor’s curse once and for all with mighty MyQ magic.

Blinded by the brightness of high-powered workflows and no despair to thrive on, the Professor and his minions fled the city, never to come back. The Fantastic Four of Documents – Productivity, Automation, Security, and Efficiency – have taken over, and ever since then new workplaces have flourished. Sysadmins control their fleet from one clear dashboard, assistants leave all the manual work to automated advanced scanning, prints are double-locked with pull printing, and managers can smile again thanks to a workflows that actually bring results.

This story can be yours as well – It’s time to go to and see how MyQ defends your document processing.


Another Victory for MyQ Smart Digital Workplace Assistant!