y Andy Slawetsky – WEST HARTFORD, CT – Legrand®, a major player in electrical and digital building infrastructures, has recently finalized its acquisition of ZPE Systems, Inc. This move marks a big step for Legrand in bolstering its portfolio in the data center arena. ZPE Systems, headquartered in Fremont, California, is known for its cutting-edge solutions in data center, branch, and edge management infrastructure.

The acquisition bolsters Legrand’s offerings in data center solutions, including the likes of overhead busway and intelligent PDUs. ZPE Systems adds to this with its serial console servers and services routers. Together, they’re set to offer a more comprehensive and secure management infrastructure, meeting the demands of modern data center, branch, and edge environments.

A key aspect of this acquisition is the integration of ZPE Systems into Legrand’s Data, Power, and Control (DPC) Division. Arnaldo Zimmermann will maintain his leadership role at ZPE Systems and report to Brian DiBella, President of Legrand’s DPC Division.

The Future of Data Centers

John Selldorff, President and CEO of Legrand for North and Central America, emphasized the significance of this acquisition. He pointed out the rapidly growing data center and edge management infrastructure market, driven by advancements in AI and the evolving complexities of data centers and edge infrastructure. Selldorff sees ZPE Systems’ automation infrastructure solutions as a vital complement to Legrand’s existing data center offerings.

ZPE Systems: Poised for Growth

Arnaldo Zimmermann expressed excitement about joining forces with Legrand. He anticipates that this partnership will elevate ZPE Systems’ position in the market and expand their technology and solutions to new areas, especially those demanding robust remote management and operation capabilities.

Legrand at a Glance

Legrand is a global authority in the electrical and digital building infrastructure sector. Its diverse range of solutions caters to commercial, industrial, and residential markets. The company is dedicated to transforming building spaces with innovative, simple, and sustainable electrical and digital infrastructures. This approach reflects the ongoing technological and societal changes impacting building spaces. With a strategy focused on innovation and strategic acquisitions, Legrand continues to introduce products that align with evolving market needs, particularly in the realms of data centers, connected technologies, and energy efficiency. The company’s 2022 sales, amounting to €8.0 billion, underscore its robust market position and growth.

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SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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