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1. Kyocera Grapples with Sales Challenges in U.S. Market

Kyocera faces a downturn in its U.S. sales, prompting a reevaluation of market strategies.

2. Visual Edge IT Sets the Stage for Future Growth

At its Annual Kickoff Conference, Visual Edge IT unveiled a comprehensive vision for its future, positioning itself as a mega reseller with a forward-thinking approach.

3. Xerox Launches Novel Solutions for Hybrid Work and IT Streamlining

Xerox introduces a suite of new solutions designed to enhance productivity in hybrid work environments and simplify IT management.

4. Toshiba Enhances Print Management with Cloud-Based Application

Toshiba has debuted a new cloud application that promises to streamline print management.

5. Kyocera Celebrates Prestigious Recognition from Keypoint Intelligence

Kyocera triumphs at the BLI 2024 Awards, securing 12 accolades including the esteemed ‘A3 Line of the Year’ from Keypoint Intelligence.

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SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.