In 2023, HP’s most engaging stories on Industry Analysts revolved around their commitment to sustainable solutions, smart technology, and innovative partner programs. These were the most clicked-on HP articles of the year:

  1. “HP Debuts Advanced Sustainable Printing Solutions Designed for Growing Businesses”: HP introduced the new HP Color LaserJet series with energy-efficient TerraJet Toner, tailored for hybrid work environments and growing business needs, demonstrating HP’s focus on sustainable and high-performance printing solutions​​.
  2. “HP Launches New Smart Tank 5000 Series”: This release highlights HP’s latest Smart Tank 5000 Series, blending sustainability with advanced technology. The series is designed for energy efficiency and enhanced security, underlining HP’s commitment to integrating eco-friendly practices with user-centric innovations​​.
  3. “HP Doubles Down on Partner Growth with Groundbreaking Program Enhancements”: HP announced significant enhancements to its HP Amplify Partner Program, aiming to foster greater collaboration and growth among its partners. This article showcases HP’s strategic approach to strengthening partner relations and enhancing program benefits​​.

The readership of these articles highlights the significant interest in HP’s initiatives and achievements in sustainable technology and partner engagement throughout 2023.

SOURCE Industry Analysts