In addition to our industry-leading multi-function printers (MFPs) and copiers, Toshiba has developed Elevate—a powerful software platform that transforms your MFP into a truly customized solution. Elevate creates a user interface built just for you—creating single-button access to your most important and commonly used features. Every company is different, and Elevate allows your MFP to be uniquely yours

Elevate enables your MFP to become an integral part of daily business operations by integrating with industry leading document workflow and enterprise content management applications. In doing so, the MFP becomes an on-ramp to digital document workflow and boosts productivity by reducing manual and paper intensive processes in the office. And because time is money, reducing the number of steps in a given task translates directly into savings and greater efficiency. Especially when multiplied by the number of employees performing those steps every day.

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