In a recent episode of the What’s Happenin’ podcast, Andy Slawetsky of Industry Analysts Inc. spoke with Matt Baroletti, Director of Product Engineering at Canon USA. The conversation looked into the world of service and support, something critical to office equipment resellers. Baroletti shed light on the role of Canon’s solutions engineering team, their technology systems team, and their highly responsive Tech Support Center, which acts as a lifeline for dealer technicians and system engineers in the field.

Baroletti, with a background in sales that evolved into a passion for service, highlighted the longevity and dedication of service department staff at Canon dealerships, which contrasts with the often higher turnover in sales departments. These service professionals, he noted, are not just technicians; they are the face of the dealership, the ones who meet the customers, embody the brand, and deliver the Canon experience.

The core of the discussion centered around Canon’s consistent recognition by BenchmarkPortal as a Center of Excellence for an impressive 15 consecutive years. The certification process involves rigorous analysis of operations and comparison to industry best practices. For Canon, it’s a chance to align with the cutting edge of call center operations, leveraging the latest in AI and other technologies to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.