How to Identify Poor Utilization and Improve Productivity

Are you an in-house print operation that is battling outsourcing threats, or a commercial printer competing with low-cost online retailers? It doesn’t matter which struggle you’re facing—either way, your motivation to increase productivity is justified. One of the key strategies for reducing manufacturing costs and remaining competitive is achieving increased uptime, but how can you know which print processes are impeding your productivity and how to correct them? The answer is to monitor and identify the root causes of inhibited productivity!

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This webinar will highlight the SpencerMetrics tool, a real-time cloud-based system that monitors productivity so that you can maximize your uptime, reduce cost, and generate more sellable output. We’ll provide insight on how you can monitor and improve productivity within your print operation. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of monitoring utilization rates
  • How to identify the root causes of poor utilization
  • Strategies for increasing uptime
  • Methods for minimizing overtime
  • How SpencerMetrics users are increasing pressroom efficiency

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