Video Description: In this episode of the What’s Happenin’ podcast, Andy Slawetsky hosts AJ Brasel, Senior Vice President of Sales at Clover Imaging; fresh off the heels of a seven-week, 33 dealer visit across the US.

Key Highlights:

  • Nationwide Dealer Engagement: AJ shares insights from his recent seven-week, cross-country tour, discussing face-to-face interactions with 33 dealers to better understand their current challenges and opportunities.
  • Clover’s Impact on the Dealer Community: AJ outlines how Clover, known for its remanufactured toner cartridges, provides significant value to dealers by offering high-quality products that enhance margins compared to OEM products.
  • Post-Pandemic Industry Dynamics: The conversation sheds light on the changes within the industry post-pandemic, highlighting the ongoing challenges and opportunities for dealers to diversify and enhance their service offerings.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Solutions: Emphasizing not just being a vendor but a partner, AJ talks about Clover’s approach to helping dealers maximize their existing customer relationships and optimize their profit margins through strategic product offerings and support.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.