Epson’s contributions to the printing and imaging sector in 2023 have been marked by key collaborations and the launch of cutting-edge business products. Here are Epson’s most viewed articles of 2023.

  1. Konica Minolta Partners with Epson America
    • Epson America formed a pivotal alliance with Konica Minolta to offer Epson’s commercial scanning solutions to Konica Minolta’s channel partners and office equipment dealers. This collaboration aims to fulfill customer requirements for comprehensive scanning solutions, showcasing Epson’s commitment to meet the evolving needs of businesses with robust document management technologies and versatile scanning options​​.
  2. Epson’s InkBoldly Conference Showcases Latest Technology
    • The InkBoldly conference, hosted by Epson in Huntington Beach, CA, was a resounding success, drawing over 150 dealers. This event provided Epson with an opportunity to display their latest technologies, including an array of scanners and inkjet printers. The showcase featured a diverse range of products, from wide format to desktop and production printers, emphasizing Epson’s continued growth and dynamic approach in the printing technology domain​​.
  3. Epson Introduces New Business Inkjet A4 Color MFP and Printer
    • Epson America announced the launch of two new A4 business printers, the WorkForce Pro WF-C5890 color MFP and the WF-C5390 color printer. These printers are designed to address the common challenges of busy work environments, featuring Replaceable Ink Pack Systems for high-volume printing and reduced intervention. This introduction reflects Epson’s focus on providing reliable, low-maintenance, and efficient printing solutions for businesses​​.

In 2023, Epson has solidified its role in the printing and imaging industry through strategic alliances, successful showcases of new technologies, and the launch of innovative products. These developments demonstrate Epson’s dedication to advancing business printing solutions and responding to the diverse needs of its customers.

Source Industry Analysts