MyQ, recognized for its robust print management solutions, has had a year marked by collaborations and industry discussions that have captivated the attention of professionals across the sector.

  1. Panel Discussion on Cloud, Security, and Sustainability
    • MyQ was part of a significant print management panel discussion that addressed critical industry themes such as Cloud technology, Security, and Sustainability. The panel featured MyQ CEO Martin Janus and was instrumental in sharing his thoughts on transitioning to cloud-based solutions, addressing security challenges, and implementing sustainable practices in print management. This event underscored MyQ’s proactive role in shaping the future of print management alongside other industry leaders​​.
  2. MyQ’s Collaboration with Canon USA
    • A key development for MyQ was becoming Canon MEAP Certified in the US, a certification denoting compatibility with Canon’s advanced printing solutions. This move marks a new era for MyQ’s expansion and influence in the print management landscape​​.
  3. Joining Forces with Sharp at Dealer Conference
    • At the Sharp Electronics dealer conference, MyQ joined as a new partner, emphasizing its commitment to the U.S. market. The event showcased MyQ’s efforts to connect with potential clients and highlight the strengths of its print management solutions. Partnering with Sharp, MyQ demonstrated its dedication to delivering efficient and productivity-enhancing solutions to the modern office environment​​.

Throughout 2023, MyQ has not only showcased its expertise in print management but has also improved their partnerships and expanded its reach within the industry. By engaging in critical industry conversations and forging alliances, MyQ continues to affirm its commitment to advancing print management solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the market.