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By Josh Wachendorf, GreatAmerica – We all know workplace culture is important to today’s workforce. As Generation Z enters the workplace it will continue to grow in importance, and dealers within the office imaging space have become more tuned in to this need.

In fact, our dealers consistently express culture as a challenge they face year after year. But, culture means more than having a cool first floor living space outfitted with a putting green and a pool table (though I do enjoy that aspect of our very own culture here at GreatAmerica!). Dealers are realizing that a positive culture doesn’t only make attracting and retaining top talent easier, but it can actually empower and develop leadership in the individuals that work for your organization.

Culture Defined

I’m going to tell you a story about how I witnessed the massive impact an intentional culture can have on cultivating and aligning leaders and decision makers within your organization. But first, let’s establish a base-level understanding of what culture is. It can be a little difficult to define, and depending on who you ask, you’ll likely get different answers. Let’s look at a few frequently used definitions.

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