Every customer project is different, and requirements often change over time. Selecting the right device, therefore, calls for foresight. ELATEC products have the advantage that their behavior can always be modified to suit the relevant authentication scenario. Thanks to our universal solutions and competent sales team, you’ll find the right device in the right version. We’ll make sure your project will work even better than you could have imagined.

With or without a housing

Depending on the profile and demands of your project, a reader/writer with a housing may be better suited than one without. Both require IT-based configuration and physical integration in your overall solution – but the complexity varies greatly and key aspects of their use are also different. But the best part is that you have a choice – because most ELATEC products are available in both versions. As a rule, a device with a housing can be deployed faster; it comes with a larger scope and therefore higher cost. Devices without a housing come with lower cost and greater flexibility but require more modification effort. When making your decision, put your trust in the advice from our experienced experts.

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