In his latest What’s Happenin’ Podcast, Andy Slawetsky catches up with Ed Bilson from DataMaster, the French lab known for its thorough printer evaluations. This episode looks into the world of inkjet office printers and stacks them up against the tried-and-true laser printers. Andy and Ed chat about what really matters in the office: how productive these printers are, how reliable they can be, and their energy consumption. Ed brings in fresh insights from DataMaster’s latest studies, making it a goldmine of information for those curious about the practical side of inkjet versus laser in office settings. The two discuss inkjet technology from Canon, Epson and RISO among others during their chat.

The conversation takes an interesting turn as they discuss the A3 and A4 printer market. What’s trending, what’s not, and where things might be headed in this space – Andy and Ed cover it all in a 20-minute talk that’s as informative as it is engaging. It’s the kind of chat that’s perfect for anyone in the office equipment game, whether they’re knee-deep in printer specs or just starting to get their feet wet.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.