etherFAX’s WEAVE is a game-changer in document management, adeptly converting unstructured formats like PDFs and faxes into structured, searchable data. This technology streamlines the integration of information into workflows and applications, enhancing efficiency. It boasts automated data extraction, text search in PDFs, and seamless text input into third-party applications. Additionally, WEAVE’s form recognition and data extraction capabilities enable efficient integration into EHRs and other applications. 

WEAVE significantly boosts productivity by automating the extraction of structured data from various documents, reducing the reliance on manual data handling. Its components, such as WEAVE PDF for searchable PDF conversion, WEAVE OCR for text extraction, WEAVE Extract for structuring unstructured documents, WEAVE Direct for converting faxes to secure messages, and WEAVE Transform for processing paper faxes, collectively streamline document management processes, reinforcing etherFAX’s commitment to innovative and secure data solutions.

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