Elatec RFID’s prominent role as a sponsor at the Camp ACDI Partner Summit in Tempe, Arizona, was a strategic move, aligning with the company’s commitment to supporting the office equipment industry’s growth and innovation. The event, set against the picturesque Arizona landscape, was more than a mere gathering; it embodied the camaraderie and forward-thinking ethos of the industry​​.​​

The event featured informal ‘speed dating’ sessions, which underscored the importance of face-to-face interactions in our technology-driven world. These sessions were aligned with Elatec’s ethos of building strong, personal connections within the industry​​. During the two day event dealers spent time with John Villegas and Rawldon Weekes discussing Elatec’s RFID programs.

The event’s unique American experiences, like the ranch evening with skeet shooting and BBQ, provided an informal setting for international guests and partners to connect, offering an excellent networking opportunity for Elatec to strengthen its relationships​​​​ with dealer attendees and other sponsoring vendors.

A session during the conference highlighting the intersection of traditional manufacturing and modern technology, particularly in the EV Charging market, showcased the summit’s focus on emerging areas, aligning with Elatec’s vision of exploring new frontiers in office equipment solutions​​. Incidentally, like ACDI, Elatec is very focused on the EV Charging industry too.

Hosting dealer partners in Arizona gave ACDI, and by extension its sponsors like Elatec, a unique platform to delve into innovative solutions beyond traditional print management. This setting provided an ideal opportunity for Elatec to showcase its commitment to education and networking, further cementing its role as a leader in the office equipment industry​​.

For office equipment resellers, Elatec’s sponsorship of the ACDI Partner Summit represents a strong alignment with an organization that is deeply invested in the future of the industry. Elatec’s participation in such high-profile events signals its dedication to fostering growth, innovation, and strong partnerships within the office equipment sector, making it a valuable ally for resellers looking to navigate the evolving landscape of office technology.