In a compelling segment of the Camp ACDI Partner Summit, Anthony Sci of Keypoint Intelligence joined Mark Hart of ACDI for a deep dive into the currents shaping the office equipment landscape. The conversation, captured in a candid video, discussed the breadth of Keypoint’s latest research with a specific focus on SMB IT customers. Anthony, with his finger on the pulse of industry trends, articulated the growing needs and challenges of these businesses, particularly in the realms of print management and cloud integration.

The video, a highlight of the summit’s rich content, showcases the duo’s exchange on how SMBs are navigating the intersection of traditional office tech and the ever-expanding cloud frontier. Anthony’s insights, drawn from comprehensive data, shed light on the priorities of SMBs, highlighting security, efficiency, and innovation as key drivers. Mark’s perspective from ACDI’s vantage point provided a grounded counterpoint, offering real-world examples of how these insights are playing out in the market. Together, they painted a picture of an industry at a fascinating crossroads, with the conversation leaving viewers with a sense of both the challenges and the vast opportunities that lie ahead for office tech professionals.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.