Did you know that 90% of small and medium business owners believe their employees take home office supplies? How many red staplers have been “lost” over the years? Or that 63% of millennial business owners have pretended to know how to operate a piece of office equipment? Those TPS reports aren’t going to fax themselves.

With Small Business Saturday just around the corner, the annual Brother Business Survey reveals some of the top business trends experienced by these business owners across the United States – including top office crimes and millennial trends in the workplace.

“Even though employees ‘borrowing’ sticky notes and leaving dirty dishes in the office sink aren’t what business decision makers think about every day, the Brother Business Survey brings to life interesting and refreshing workplace trends that we can all relate to,” said Phil Lubell, senior director of B2C product marketing at Brother.

The trends and insights stemming from the annual Brother Business Survey are an extension of Brother’s commitment to understanding and addressing the needs of small and medium business owners.

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