In response to the need for a reliable and secure data collection solution, we have developed a tool that is robust yet simple, minimizing reliance on customer hardware. Designed exclusively for Print Tracker customers, the Cube addresses years of challenges faced by MPS dealers around the world.

Consider these familiar scenarios:

  • A customer powers down their computer for the weekend.
  • A laptop goes on vacation with its owner.
  • Antivirus software interferes with necessary operations.
  • The hassle of coordinating with customers to set up a VM for your data collection agent.

The Print Tracker Cube elegantly circumvents these issues, ensuring that data collection is no longer tied to the availability or configuration of customer devices. It’s a streamlined solution for continuous, hassle-free data collection.

The Cube is compact but packed with functionality, marking a significant step forward in our continuous effort to improve and innovate in the area of data collection.

Key Features of the Print Tracker Cube:

  • Reliability: Because the Cube does not rely on your customer’s hardware, it operates consistently across various challenges such as power outages and relocations, ensuring that your data collection remains uninterrupted.
  • Security: Built with strong cryptographic standards, the Cube offers a secure environment that prioritizes the safeguarding of your data against potential threats.
  • Easy Installation & Management: Designed for usability, the Cube is easily discoverable and configurable using our proprietary Cube Provisioner, offering a user-friendly experience without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

“The Cube represents our dedication to progress and improvement in data collection solutions. It’s not just another product; it’s a thoughtful response to the evolving needs of our customers, ensuring that they have access to tools that are not only up-to-date but also ahead of the curve. Print Tracker Cube is our answer to the call for seamless, secure, and robust data collection, designed with the precision our MPS dealers deserve. This compact device underscores our commitment to customer-centric solutions.” Brian McCauley, President of Print Tracker

The Print Tracker Cube is available now for purchase online or through your licensed Print Tracker distributor.

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