Questions to Ask to Evaluate Your Dealership’s Buyers

By Jeff Gau, Marco CEO – You’ve worked hard to build and grow your business. Determining your transition plan may be the most important decision you ever make. Take the time to evaluate the buyers and choose the one that allows you to leave the legacy you desire.

There are a series of questions that I have found helpful. Here are two of them:

  1. What is their track record? There are plenty of buyers in today’s market. One of the most important aspects of a successful transition is the integration of people, systems and processes. This is where most acquisitions fail. It might be a good idea to talk to some of the companies that the buyer previously acquired to get a feel for their experience.
  2. What is the company known for? Take the time to learn about the company’s personality and internal motivations. Check out their website and social media to get a feel for the company’s brand and culture. Ask around to evaluate their reputation. Learn more and view more questions.

Learn more and view more questions

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