CEO Juice at IT Nation Connect starts Tuesday Nov. 8th at 2PM

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We have 2 tracks running at the same time. One focused on our typical eAutomate User Group attendee, one for a typical IT Nations Connect attendee. Register for each class here.

Tuesday afternoon we have a welcome and agenda overview followed by;

Session 1 – NPS & Surveys

In this track we focus on Net Promoter Score, the global standard for measuring customer satisfaction levels and the Juice processes to survey. Including how to get survey comments on your website and how to get Yelp & Google reviews. How to manage Detractors. ID109, ID470, ID125, ID765, ID559.

Session 2 – Equipment Order Workflow

This track covers everything involved from quoting equipment orders, tracking what orders are in Procurement versus ready to ship, seeing how long various vendors take to fulfill, keeping reps updated and order and auto generating all the service calls needed. ID348, ID815, ID517.

Session 3 – Dealing with problem contracts

ID768 is our very popular process to help you manage your biggest problem contracts and now that we have added a dashboard it makes drilling in to the details to see where your core problem is so much easier. ID768, ID771.

Session 4, 5 & 6 – ConnectWise to eAuto integration

We now have 6 different integrations for ConnectWise Manage, Companies, Contracts, Sales Orders, Service Tickets, Moving Calls and Projects. We are also now beta testing our AutoTask sync for Companies and Contracts. ID747, ID964, ID966, ID965, ID912, ID522.


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About CEO Juice

CEO Juice is a team of Industry Specific people who have all spent considerable time in the copier Industry and using eAutomate. Yes you could hire your own eAuto expert, who also happened to be a data base administrator. Then send that person off to as many training classes as possible, have them attend lots of industry events to understand how other dealers do things, then have them build and validate your reports and eAuto data. Plus hope they don’t leave you.

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IT Nation Updated Agenda from CEO Juice