Mobility Print with PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG verified for Chrome OS

22 October, 2020, Portland, Oregon Google today announced that PaperCut has become an inaugural member of the Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner program.

The accreditation for PaperCut’s Mobility Print with PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG print management solutions, means they are verified as Chrome Enterprise Recommended for Chrome OS and fully compatible with Google’s solutions.

The program is designed for partners like PaperCut who are focussed on developing and validating enterprise solutions for Chrome (OS/Browser). All partners who are awarded the accreditation have to go through a validation process for both their technical solutions and their capability to support enterprise customers.

Willem Groenewald, Product Owner, at PaperCut, said: “Chrome OS is extremely important to us. Chromebooks are the most adopted device in education, and also the growing front runner for businesses. We are not surprised at all that close to 4 million Chromebooks are already running PaperCut Mobility Print”

This Google verification for PaperCut comes in addition to it being recognised as a premier partner in Google’s Cloud Partner Advantage Program, designed to empower partners with tools, technology and support to create solutions that integrate with or run on Google Cloud to complement or enhance Google’s products.

Partners like PaperCut have to demonstrate the highest levels of technical proficiency, expertise, and impact to be elevated to the premier level. As a premier partner, PaperCut works much more closely with the Google team to put customers first.

“Being named as an inaugural member of Google’s Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner program is a really important step for PaperCut and highlights our commitment to customers using Google’s Chrome operating system. We’ve worked very closely with Google over the past few years on a number of fronts to provide the best experience to customers, and now we are able to officially tell the world” – Willem said.

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