By Andy Slawetsky; Denver, CO – The Ricoh Partner Summit 2023 witnessed a gathering of industry titans as Flex Technology Group and Pacific Office Automation (POA) took center stage during a pivotal panel discussion. Alongside other key dealers, Mike Dane from Flex Technology Group and Doug Pitassi from POA shared their insights and success stories in Ricoh’s production print program, offering valuable perspectives on the industry’s evolving landscape.

The panel discussion marked a significant moment at the summit, as it provided a platform for dealers to exchange ideas and best practices regarding Ricoh’s production print program. Mike Dane, representing Flex Technology Group, and Doug Pitassi, representing Pacific Office Automation, brought their extensive experience and expertise to the forefront.

Flex Technology Group, known for its industry leadership, has been at the forefront of leveraging Ricoh’s production print solutions to deliver outstanding results. Their involvement in the panel discussion offered attendees a glimpse into how successful integration of these solutions can drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

Pacific Office Automation, a prominent name in the industry, has also harnessed the power of Ricoh’s production print program to enhance their operations and client offerings. Doug Pitassi’s insights during the panel shed light on the strategies that have propelled POA to success in this space.

Joining Mike Dane and Doug Pitassi on stage were other key dealers who have navigated and thrived within Ricoh’s production print program. Their shared experiences and success stories provided attendees with valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges presented by the evolving world of production print.

The panel discussion not only highlighted the achievements of these dealers but also demonstrated Ricoh’s commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within its partner network. It showcased how a strong partnership between Ricoh and its dealers can drive innovation and excellence in the office equipment industry.

The presence of industry leaders like Flex Technology Group and Pacific Office Automation on the stage during the Ricoh Partner Summit 2023’s production print panel was a testament to their expertise and success within Ricoh’s production print program. Their insights, alongside those of other key dealers, enriched the summit and underlined the value of collaboration and shared knowledge in shaping the future of the industry.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.