In an enlightening episode of the “What’s Happenin'” podcast, Jim Morrissey of UBEO joined host Andy Slawetsky virtually from his headquarters in Austin, while Andy connected from his own office.

The discussion delved into the underpinnings of UBEO’s significant growth. With a presence in 14 states, ranging from California to NY, UBEO is recognized as a mega dealer in the office equipment realm, an accolade attributed to their massive size and expansive operations. Morrissey shared insights on UBEO’s two-fold growth strategy: a strong organic growth coupled with strategic acquisitions.

Of particular interest was Morrissey’s discourse on UBEO’s standout performance in the production print sector. Being one of the few dealers privileged with the authorization to sell the Xerox Iridesse, he discussed the reasons for their unmatched success in this niche.

This serves as a trove of knowledge for office equipment resellers keen on amplifying their market presence. Moreover, Morrissey shed light on UBEO’s acquisition game plan, discussing the type of dealers they are inclined to acquire and the underlying reasons for such choices.

For office equipment resellers aiming to grasp industry dynamics or explore avenues for expansion, this discussion between Slawetsky and Morrissey is undeniably a must-watch.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.