With customer challenges as the driving force, Y Soft says “No!” to Print Management. 

Y Soft, provider of cutting-edge IT solutions, is announcing its approach to accelerate the cloud print revolution; Centered around meeting a new era of customers. They’re challenging the narrative of Print Management, redefining it from something IT teams need to do (and require advanced features to succeed with) to something they don’t have to touch at all. With automation, cloud technology, and streamlined workflows, Y Soft is ready to give their customers a future of ‘No Print Management’.

With special attention to simplicity, Y Soft clears away the heavy workload that comes with managing print, to bring IT teams’ attention back to core business. Y Soft’s focus is on customer outcomes and IT efficiency. IT professionals are challenged with business-critical transformation projects and it’s clear they no longer have the time or desire to maintain their print environment.

Y Soft’s challenger mindset tackles customer issues at the roots while bringing forward notable advantages for vendors. Partner benefits include simplifying their delivery models, aligning with customer expectations, and reducing their cost of services.

No Print Management with YSoft SAFEQ Cloud

The demand for remotely accessible cloud solutions is increasing. This is due to the simplicity, flexibility, and automation many cloud systems can offer. The rise in cloud adoption allows IT teams to deploy faster and lower their IT costs–all while making print a reliable and simple-to-use commodity.

SAFEQ Cloud is a low-touch platform that migrates document workflows to the cloud to free up IT professionals’ hands. Today’s businesses are looking for innovative ways to manage their print infrastructure in a streamlined, scalable, and secure way. IT department heads are requesting solutions that not only work as they should, but autonomously improves over time to deliver ongoing value. They want to future-proof their IT systems with technology that boosts interoperability, user experiences, and on-demand availability and scalability.

SAFEQ Cloud is a true cloud print solution designed for user simplicity. With the ‘No Print Management‘ positioning, Y Soft delivers SAFEQ Cloud as a real-value service that doubles down on one of the big pains inside IT departments; getting rid of print management. Y Soft’s aim is to lead customers toward innovative, automated solutions that will free up time to transform their business.

The Future of Business-Oriented IT Teams

IT department responsibilities haven’t changed in decades—solutions need to be managed, upgrades installed, and issues abated. But today, the traditional IT department model is wearing out. The evolution of technology drives innovation within IT. This opens the doors for IT teams to transition from a back-office function to a business-generating unit–with IT at the front of the company strategy.

Where IT professionals used to focus on policing their technical environment, they’re now taking on the role of business enablers. By removing physical infrastructure, software maintenance, and helpdesk calls from the IT teams’ plate, Y Soft paves a road for future IT departments to focus on business growth. With solutions like SAFEQ Cloud that pre-equip IT administrators with automated document workflows, easy integrations, user experience simplicity, and full-fledged security and data governance, the future of IT departments is now.


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