OREGON – This past Saturday, September 23, a spirited group from Pacific Office Automation (POA) took to their bikes. Their goal was simple but impactful: to traverse 88 miles of Oregon’s terrain in support of the Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Bike MS.

Among the riders were some of POA’s key figures, such as President Doug Pitassi and VP Dino Andereggen. They were joined by fellow cyclists Nick Duyn, Klesti Brameta, and Michael Martinoff. Along the way, coaches Mike Rutlidge and David Root offered guidance and tips, ensuring the ride was not just about distance but also technique and endurance.

Bike MS is more than just a cycling event. It’s a global fundraising movement, and to date, cyclists involved have raised a whopping $1.4 billion. This sum has been crucial in furthering the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s efforts both to find a cure and to support those living with MS.

POA’s Racing Team, which boasts around 50 members, half of whom are Professional-Elite level racers, has done commendable work in the cycling world. After the lull caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this team played a significant role in reigniting the racing spirit. Their reach extends far, with events attracting participants from as far as Canada, Idaho, and California. Their popular races, including the Paper Town Road Race and two criterium races, have consistently seen participation numbers exceeding 500.

However, POA’s involvement with cycling isn’t merely for the love of the sport. They’ve sponsored the Portland-based team for years, emphasizing a strong community connection. Through various races, they’ve channeled funds back to local groups. This year, beneficiaries ranged from the Police Activities League to East Portland Youth Cycling and the Dialed Junior Cycling team.

At its heart, POA believes in giving back. This commitment to community and philanthropy is evident in their consistent support for events like Bike MS, showcasing a dedication not just to their employees but to the broader community as well.

For those interested in learning more about Bike MS or making a contribution, further information can be found [here](#).

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